The Board

The duties of the Board of Directors are regulated by the Swedish Companies Act, Coor’s Articles of Association and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.

Additionally, the work of the Board of Directors is regulated by the rules of procedure adopted by the Board of Directors each year. The rules of procedure regulate the division of duties and responsibilities between Board members, the Chairman of the Board, Project Committee and CEO, and state the processes governing financial reporting for the CEO. The Board of Directors also adopts instructions for the Board of Directors’ committees.

The duties and work of the Board of Directors are described in the Corporate Governance Report, which can be found here.

Board members elected by the AGM 2016

Anders Narvinger, Coor

Anders Narvinger

Soren Christensen, Coor

Søren Christensen

Mats Granryd

Mats Jönsson, Coor

Mats Jönsson

Monica Lindstedt, Coor

Monica Lindstedt

Kristina Schauman

Heidi Skaaret

Mikael Stöhr, Coor

Mikael Stöhr

Glenn Evans

Göran Karlsson, Coor

Göran Karlsson

Robert Halen

Robert Halén